Bio-identical hormone replacement

You don't have to suffer through the symptoms of hormone imbalance or menopause.

Let our experienced hormone treatment staff help you regain control today.

Women, are you experiencing…?

Night Sweats





Memory Lapse

Premature Aging

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Irregular Menstrual Cycle


Hot Flashes


Post-Partum Depression

Vaginal Dryness

Water Retention

Decreased Libido

Weight Gain

Tender Breast

Fibrocystic Breasts

Sleep Disturbances


Men, are you experiencing…?

Burned Out Feeling

Abdominal fat

Prostate problems

Decreased mental clarity

Decreased sex drive

Increased urinary urge

Decreased strength

Decreased Stamina

Difficulty Sleeping

Decreased Urine flow



Erectile dysfunction

Hot flashes

Night Sweats

Are you Ready?

Increase energy

Improve mental Clarity

Enhance Sleep quality and moods

Reduce fatigue

Fight aging

Improve body composition and lean muscle

Feel like yourself again?

Free Consultation

We trust in ZRT Laboratory:

Our hormone replacement certified pharmacists can consult with you and your doctor. Whether your doctor suggests using ZRT labs or a full blood work up, we can help review your results and work with you and your doctor to customize a HRT treatment plan.