Veterinary Pharmacies Can Help Through Customization

Animal patients come in all sizes ranging from pocket pets and small birds to horses and elephants, but commercially available pharmaceuticals only come in a few strengths. Sometimes veterinary patients need an individualized dose to fit their body size, and a compound pharmacist can tailor-make a customized pharmaceutical by prescription. This is particularly important if the animal’s owner or caretaker is trying to divide an unscored tablet or “guesstimate” the amount of liquid medication that will yield the proper dose. Sometimes medications have different therapeutic effects at commercially unavailable strengths, and this is another reason why a veterinarian may prescribe a compound in a custom strength.


A compound pharmacist like Monument Pharmacy has the expertise, ingredients, formulations, and equipment to produce individualized doses for animals large and small. Working in collaboration with the veterinarian and animal owner, a compounding pharmacy can determine the patient’s individual needs and compound a prescription pharmaceutical to accommodate them. Since 1995 Monument Pharmacy has compounded individualized medications by Rx order with integrity, professionalism, and regulatory compliance. And we stand ready to assist patients in 22 states.

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