Top 5 Reasons for Specialized Compound Pharmacist

How might a specialized compounding pharmacy help you or your patients? Think PROSE!


  • Palatability: reformulating a foul tasting medication into a tastier form


  • Route of administration: tweaking an oral medication for better compliance or re-routing altogether, as through the skin with a transdermal gel


  • Off-market but FDA approved: compounding a pharmaceutical of choice  while it is on back-order or is manufacturer discontinued


  • Strength adjustment: creating a customized dose when, for example, dividing an unscored tablet will yield an inaccurate amount


  • Elimination of allergens and irritants: reformulating to avoid allergens and irritants among the inactive ingredients


When choosing a Colorado pharmacy, consider the specialists at Monument Pharmacy. We have a full-size clean room and staff specially trained in aseptic techniques for compounding sterile preparations like injectables and ophthalmics. We also adhere to state and federal regulations and rigorous standard operating procedures to ensure potency and stability for sterile and nonsterile compounds. Plus, we offer free first-class shipping to 22 states and will beat others’ compound prices by 10%. Factor in our rapid turnaround and friendly customer service, and the choice is clear: Monument Pharmacy!

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