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Why are there so many pharmaceutical shortages lately?

The back-order blues: It seems that most veterinary, surgical, medical, podiatry, and  dental practitioners are singing them lately. The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists has outlined multiple factors behind recent medication / pharmaceutical shortages:   production delay or halt due … Continue reading

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Common Types of Specialized Compounds

  Monument Pharmacy stays busy solving Colorado pharmaceutical compliance problems. We do a lot of compounding for veterinary and human prescriptions for flavored liquid medications and transdermal gels for patients with palatability or route-of-administration issues with commercially available medications. Due … Continue reading

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Finding the Right Compounding Pharmacy in Colorado

Looking for a Colorado compounding pharmacy to take care of your customized pharmaceutical needs? Whether the medications you seek are veterinary, medical, dental, or podiatric, be sure to examine prospective pharmacies carefully to ensure that you will receive a stable, … Continue reading

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Compounded Potassium Bromide: Frequently Requested Prescription for Dogs

Reportedly one to three percent of canines suffer from epilepsy, a condition arising from abnormal electrical activity in the brain leading to seizures, sensory disturbances, and/or unconsciousness. Multiple seizures over a period of weeks or months are the hallmark of … Continue reading

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