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Pediatric Assistance from a Compounding Pharmacy

Tried to give a kid an icky tasting medication lately? Then you’ve encountered one of the challenges of pediatric pharmaceutical noncompliance. A compounding pharmacy – a facility that specializes in the preparation of customized drugs by prescription order – might … Continue reading

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Compounded Metronidazole: Frequently Requested Prescription for Dogs & Cats

Commercially available in 250mg and 500mg tablets for veterinary use, metronidazole (a nitroimidazole antibacterial and antiprotozoal agent with trichomonacidal and amebicidal properties) might be prescribed for animals with clostridial diarrhea and infections caused by Giardia, trichomonads, and Campylobacter. Veterinarians often … Continue reading

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Compounded Pergolide: Frequently Requested Prescription for Horses

Voluntarily removed from the human market by the FDA in 2007 and no longer available in tablet form, pergolide mesylate (proprietary name Permax) remains a frequently requested active ingredient in compounds prescribed by horse veterinarians treating pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction … Continue reading

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