Some Drug Shortages Lingering Despite Overall Mitigation

Drug Shortages Improving

New FDA powers are making a dent in drug shortages, including mandatory manufacturer reporting of production glitches. Formerly voluntary, these reports allow FDA to advise other manufacturers to ramp up production. Should no other stateside manufacturer remain, FDA can allow imports from other countries until US production resumes.

Another factor in decreased levels of drug shortages: The Federal Trade Commission recently gave the green light to a generic manufacturers’ industry plan. This is a private-sector collaborative effort that does not violate anti-trust regulations, per FTC’s approval statement.

But some shortages linger, particularly among injectables. While stateside injectable production remains problematic, overseas manufacturers are starting to see profit potential in picking up some of the slack. Still, for example, Diazepam injectable flaps on and off the market. (We compound it by Rx when it’s off-market, by the way.) And some frequently requested injectables, like stanozolol, were discontinued long ago and must be compounded by prescription.

Should your practice encounter drug shortages due to back-order or discontinuation – be it an injectable or other pharmaceutical – contact us to see if our compounding pharmacy can compound it by Rx until manufacturer production resumes.



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