Pepper Ponies Up

No other equine ponies up like Pepper, the 32-year-old Shetland pony belonging to Janet Varhus, DVM, and family. Upon adoption many years ago, Pepper’s outlook was short and bleak.


But with great veterinary care via Doc Varhus and Animal Care Center of Poncha Springs, Colorado– along with a heaping dose of stubbornness — Pepper is still kicking up a fuss and using reverse psychology on Varhus and family like an obstinate teenager. In addition to the stem-cell therapy that has resolved this pony’s laminitis, Pepper takes compounded pergolide seasonally, tailor made by Monument Pharmacy.


Pepper also gives back to the community, sharing a little love with older adults in the Poncha Springs area. So this pony is not always tapping its inner stubborn mule (just most of the time). Go, Pepper, go! You’re a treasure.



Pepper getting a treatment (pic via @animalcareponcha Facebook page)




Pepper giving free love (pic via @animalcareponcha Facebook page)

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