Easier dosing of veterinary & human transdermal compounds with “click pen” applicator

Monument Pharmacy compounds veterinary and human transdermal gels by prescription to fit the individual needs of patients (especially cats — lots and lots of cats). The traditional way to dispense these gels is in syringes. But the markings on a syringe can be difficult to see for folks like this blog poster (who inches a tad closer to presbyopia or “elder eye” every day) and other squinters.  We squinters tend to guesstimate the amount we are expressing from the syringe, meaning that the patient gets overdosed or underdosed. Not good! And with syringes, the person applying the gel to the patient has to put on a glove or fingercot so that they do not soak up part of the dose (which is wholly undesirable unless the person applying is also the patient). Folks who apply transdermal gels with bare fingers to other patients are the smearers among us.


What can you do if you’re a squinter or smearer? Ask for the “click pen” the next time you place an Rx order for a transdermal gel at our compounding pharmacy. Watch this quick demo video to learn how the “click pen” applicator helps squinters and smearers to ensure that the patient gets the right amount of medication. And check out our transdermal gel flyer (PDF on our Vets & Pets webpage) that includes a list of frequently requested compounded veterinary transdermal gels.

Questions? Call Monument Pharmacy at 800-595-7565.  Serving 22 states with free 1st-class shipping, rapid service, and a commitment to beat others’ compound prices by 10%. Click the map on our home page to see our multi-state service area.

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