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Pediatric Assistance from a Compounding Pharmacy

Tried to give a kid an icky tasting medication lately? Then you’ve encountered one of the challenges of pediatric pharmaceutical noncompliance. A compounding pharmacy – a facility that specializes in the preparation of customized drugs by prescription order – might … Continue reading

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The Importance of Choosing the Right Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy

A veterinary compounding pharmacy is an important partner in animal health care, providing individually customized pharmaceuticals by prescription when dosing difficulties arise with commercially available medications.  Some of the most frequently requested veterinary compounds include but are not limited to … Continue reading

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Finding the Right Compounding Pharmacy in Colorado

Looking for a Colorado compounding pharmacy to take care of your customized pharmaceutical needs? Whether the medications you seek are veterinary, medical, dental, or podiatric, be sure to examine prospective pharmacies carefully to ensure that you will receive a stable, … Continue reading

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